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The size of the 1L sections affects the quality and consistency of teaching in law schools. In general, students receive more personalized attention at smaller section sizes of 1L. The section size of the University of Michigan`s 1L Law School is 25% larger than that of Michigan law schools and 35% larger than all public law schools. The law school offers some forms of housing on campus, but many choose to live in nearby communities. Because of the demanding academic courses and strong faculty network, Michigan Law has become one of the top law schools in the country. Students interested in a slightly larger campus with larger class sizes will feel right at home at Michigan Law. The University of Michigan School of Law, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions for legal study and research in the United States, has been welcoming graduate students from around the world since 1900. At Michigan Law, graduate students develop meaningful and lasting connections due to small cohort size, supportive faculty mentorship, and thoughtful integration into the law school community. Michigan law alumni hold prestigious positions in the public, private and academic sectors in more than 80 countries. Michigan Law ranks #14 in terms of library size with 1,052,608 volumes or equivalent.

U Michigan Law School has a favorable student/faculty ratio. The average class size for the 1L sections is approximately above average compared to other law schools. The diversity of students in Michigan is below average. The Class of 2025 includes a diverse group of students from arts and sciences, nonprofits, business and beyond who see Michigan law as an important next step in their professional journey. The transition to in-person operations has been a challenging but welcome undertaking for all members of the law school community, and quad bike activities have resumed after 18 months of hybrid and distance learning related to the pandemic – with some protocols, such as the university-wide vaccination mandate and indoor mask requirements. In addition, many students benefit from studying abroad. You can spend a semester in places such as Amsterdam Law School, Waseda University Law School in Japan, or Bucerius Law School in Germany. Approximately 470 students work each year for one of the eight law firms on campus.

The Michigan Law Review is one of the oldest law journals in the country. Other journals include the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform and Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review. Students can also participate in the Student Funded Fellowships (SFF) program, which funds Michigan law students in low-paying public interest summer jobs. However, there are usually twice as many applicants as there are funding. There are also plenty of extracurricular activities you can participate in, with over 50 student organizations on campus. If you would like to visit Michigan Law, we would be happy to welcome you for a personalized tour and appointment. Please visit this page for more details on planning a visit. JLP participant Cecilia Atkins was also inspired by the JLP orientation session, particularly one of the speakers. If there is information in your application that you would like to clarify, such as certain notes; a history of standardized tests that underestimate your academic performance; Employment gaps – You can submit this information here.

You can submit as many supplements as you want. Michigan Law School (Ann Arbor) Application Michigan Law is one of the leading legal institutions in the world, but we are especially proud that our students truly enjoy their time here, even though they are immersed in a rigorous educational environment. The overall percentage is over 100 due to multiracial identities; Students who identify in more than one category are placed in more than one category. Michigan Law ranks #9 in bar pass rate among new contestants (96.6%), surpassing New York State`s total silver pass rate of 75.7% by +20.9%. (A national comparison of this measure should be made in a nuanced sense and with caution, as each state has a different transit rate of funds.) The law school was founded in 1859 and quickly gained national notoriety. In 1870, Michigan was the largest law school in the country. We know you`re just going to Google us, so we wanted to give you something you can`t find on Google: the honest rating of an alum. The school has approximately 1020 students and employs approximately 81 full-time faculty members (60 permanent and tenure-track and 21 in clinical and legal practice). [5]. The undergraduate experience of the 1L includes 53 different majors, with 10 or more students coming from each of these majors: Political Science, Economics, History, English, International Studies, Philosophy, or Biology.

The University of Michigan School of Law in Ann Arbor is a unit of the University of Michigan. Founded in 1859, the law school currently has approximately 1,200 students, most of whom earn degrees from Juris Doctor (JD) or Master of Law (LL.M.).