New York University Law School Requirements

LLM students must complete the requirements of their degree within five years of their initial registration with and through the Faculty of Law, unless renewed or modified by the Associate Dean or by the vote of the Executive Committee. This requirement is a prerequisite for obtaining the Master of Laws (LLM). If the LLM is required for the lawyer to act, certification of attendance and completion is a prerequisite for admission to the bar exam. Also note that if the LLM is required for the New York attorney to act, the rules of the New York Court of Appeals require that the degree be earned within two years. We encourage you to use the Albert Student Center Degree Progress Checklist and Graduation Progress Report as a guide to find out what requirements you have already met. Tip #3: If you haven`t graduated yet, ask your school to send updated academic results to LSAC as soon as they`re available (even after the deadline). LSAC publishes report updates at no additional cost to you. Advance ruling applicants are assessed against the same selection criteria as regular applicants. While their particular enthusiasm for New York University School of Law as the law school of first choice is considered by our admissions committee, early decision applicants do not enjoy a significant advantage in the highly competitive selection process. Some advance ruling applicants who were not admitted in December will be suspended again as part of the regular adjudication pool and reconsidered in the spring.

Others who were not approved in December will be informed that their application has been rejected and will not be reassessed this year. Additional note on the property: Although you have the option to take properties in your third year, we hope that many of you will continue the course in your second year. The faculty still considers this to be an important core class for many high school courses in all fields of study. Property, like constitutional law, may be a prerequisite for some higher-level courses you wish to take. Therefore, we encourage you to consult with faculty to find out why it may be more beneficial to take property (or even constitutional law) early in your career or legal studies. In addition to a bar exam, every U.S. jurisdiction has character, suitability, and other qualifications for admission to the bar. Applicants are encouraged to determine the requirements for each jurisdiction in which they wish to apply for admission by contacting the jurisdiction. The addresses of all relevant bodies are available from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Tip #2: If you need translations, ask for two transcripts. Ask the school to send one to LSAC and use the second for translation. Applications to NYU Law School are submitted electronically via the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) application.

As with most other law schools, prospective NYU students must go through a 9-step process to submit their application online. The application process is described on the LSAC website. A candidate cannot meet all degree requirements for more than five years. International students should consider their visa requirements when considering the time required to meet the study requirements. The admissions committee recognizes that some law schools have payment deadlines as early as April 1 and will ask a candidate to commit before that applicant receives a decision from New York University School of Law. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, it is not possible for us to speed up our process. Admission during the advance ruling is binding on applicants. You must indicate your intention to request an advance ruling on your application, and you must submit the contract with an advance ruling, which is a separate form. You cannot apply to another mandatory early decision program. If you are admitted, you must commit to enroll in NYU Law School and immediately withdraw all applications to other law schools, regardless of your status. Failure to comply with these obligations will result in the withdrawal of the offer of admission from New York University School of Law.

As an applicant for an advance ruling, you will be notified by the end of December if your application has been accepted, rejected or denied for further consideration. If your application is successful, it will be reviewed again in the regular decision cycle. Applicants who are alumni of Teach for America or Peace Corps are eligible for an $85 application fee waiver. To be eligible, applicants must have completed their 2-year commitment to Teach for America or the Peace Corps at the beginning of the fall semester. In addition, Teach for America alumni must be graduates of TFA`s Pre-Corps Training Institute and have served as teachers in a low-income community for two years as part of their Teach for America internship. Applicants who have completed less than 2 years at the start of law school or who have just graduated from Teach for America or the Peace Corps are not eligible. The admissions process is highly selective and aims to register candidates with exceptional abilities. About 9,000 people from all 50 states and several non-U.S. countries applied for fall 2022. In recent years, more than 400 schools have been represented in the pool of applicants.

About 70 percent of recent applicants graduated from college at least one year before applying to New York University School of Law. Approximately 10% completed more than five years before applying. As one of the top law schools in the country, NYU Law School has produced thousands of successful graduates. Many NYU Law School graduates go on to become successful politicians, judges, entrepreneurs, and litigators. While not all NYU graduates work in law, the vast majority do. In any case, let`s look at some of the latest employment statistics for NYU Law School alumni: Make sure your school includes an explanation of your class rank with your transcript. If your school does not assign a class ranking, an explanation of this policy may be attached instead. Thousands of graduates have earned their law degrees at NYU, and many NYU Law School alumni have accomplished great things. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani graduated from NYU before becoming a successful lawyer. Similarly, John F. Kennedy Jr.

He also preceded his career as a lawyer and journalist at New York University. The list of famous and successful alumni is long and includes successful litigators, politicians, and business tycoons. JSD applicants need two letters from law school professors who are familiar with your academic work and can attest to your ability to write a doctoral thesis that will make a significant scientific contribution. Applicants who wish to be considered for the following law school scholarship programs must complete their application by January 1 and submit a full law school report by January 1, which may be requested by the admissions office: AnBryce Scholarship Program, ASPIRE Scholarship, Furman Fellowship in Public Policy, Latinx Rights Fellowship, Law and Business Leadership Program, or Law and Social Entrepreneurship, and the Core Public Interest Fellowship Program. Applicants must pass the LSAT or GRE no later than November 2020. Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age and hold a bachelor`s degree from a regionally accredited college or university or its international equivalent to enroll in the Juris Doctor (JD) program. Students enroll exclusively full-time in the fall semester. Please follow LSAC`s instructions to ensure that your school(s) send the correct documentation in an appropriate form. You may also want to read the helpful country-specific LSAC guidelines as you prepare to ask institutions for your credentials.

Before registering for courses, you should familiarize yourself with all of JD`s requirements described on this page. The guidelines and procedures contained in this guide cannot be waived by faculty members, but only by the Vice-Dean and Vice-Dean, Academic Services and Enrolment, if applicable, and only for compelling reasons. For more information, see our Academic Policy Guide: Division JD. After all, NYU Law School is located in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world. Needless to say, prospective students shouldn`t choose their school solely based on their location, but taking classes in Lower Manhattan is an interesting perk.